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The secret to your next advertising campaign?

Exlpainer videos are a great way to capture your audiences attention and bring your ideas to life.

We can create an explainer video for your company to describe your product, service or idea - it will make a great addition to your website or social media campaign.

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A typical explainer video is aroud 60 to 90 seconds, long enough to explain key concepts but short enough to keep the viewers attention.

We can include images such as your company logo and screen shots or photos in the animation.

We can include music or a voice over with the video.

Once your explainer video is finished you can add it to your website, upload it to Youtube or embed it directly on a Facebook post and use it as an advertising campaign.

Have a look at another example below - this is an embedded example set to automatically start playing.

Please get in touch to discuss your explainer video idea.

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